3 Keys to Building a Global Network

3 Keys to Building a Global Network
19 Apr 2017

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you want to go global.  Worldwide.  Right?!?  Just have a look at your phone, everything is within reach and the business world is exploding with opportunity like never before.  But there's a problem, you see, a HUUUUGE problem.  Just because you see a picture on your phone and have a small description of who they are, does not mean you can create business deals with them.  Why not?  Because business is still done on a personal level  

Personal and trusted networks are still the soul of business.  More than ever, successful global entrepreneurs are careful about who they do business with.  Not just from a professional perspective, but a personal perspective.  It's still a matter of trust  When you seek to take your company national, or global, it's critical to have a team of trusted players in the game that are all accountable and are able to execute consistently at a high level.  It's still about the reachable and trustable network.  So how do you develop a trustable global network?  Here are 3 keys:

  1. Become Engaged.  The concept and practice of global commerce is only gaining in strength and popularity and there are lots of like minded business owners who can help make great introductions for you.  There are tremendous resources locally to assist new businesses and start ups.  Global associations, start up incubators, round tables, and shared workspaces all lend to increasing a trustable network.  Get involved with other business owners who own successful national or global companies.  Most CEO's seeking to grow beyond their own borders are open to meeting new potential business contacts if referred from a trusted source.  Remember, warm introductions are still the number one way to meet a new valued contact locally and abroad.
  2. Be Trustable.  This sounds simple, but on a local level not doing what you said you were going to do can become a normal course of business.  In New Mexico, it's called the land of manana for a reason.  Know that when you do start meeting people in locations you wish to grow, or new national suppliers, or possible global clients, they are all keenly aware of how local business is done and the pitfalls therein, and they want none of it. This is why most of them prefer to gain a level of trust before moving forward, and once that trust is gained, it must never be broken.  If you wish to gain national exposure and growth in your global network, you must be trustable.  If you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it.
  3. Find Your Tribe.  Yes, I said it, tribe.  Run with others just like you.  Surround yourself with high performing CEO's and entrepreneurs already performing on a global scale, or other who are seeking to grow their operation nationally or globally.  Because of the keen opportunity of global business, organizations like Global Chamber can help to understand your model of business, make warm introductions for you to trusted resources on a global scale, and also allow you to promote your company to a global webinar audience.  Your global network is no longer dependent on your local network. Our global network is comprised of 110 offices, 1,000+ organizations, and  33,000 people, all seeking to expand their networks and ultimately, their business.  


Growing a trustable global network may be easier than you think.  The entire world is going global in the way we interact, the way we view our world, and the way we do business. Get engaged, be trustable.  Find your tribe.  The world is more accessible today than ever.  Feel free to join us for our next mixer on April 25th.  Click  here for details.  Are you global?  Be global.  #globaltribe