A League of Extraordinaires

A League of Extraordinaires
15 May 2017

If you have lived in New Mexico very long, you have learned that not many things here are easy, especially as a business owner.   Here, you have to earn it,  Nothing is given easily or freely.  This is the land of hustle.  To grow a successful business here is challenging to say the least.  To grow a business here, and then take it national or global can seem like the magic unicorn.  On average, 86% of all business owners have an interest in building a national brand, but fewer than 26% attempt and succeed.  Why?  Most fail because they failed to gain the correct advice from someone who has been in their shoes,  Someone who has taken their company to the big show and succeeded.  But getting access to these types of people and these types of conversations is often seemingly impossible.  If you are interested in doing business in New York, you would benefit from learning from someone who is currently doing business in New York.  If you have an interest in doing business in Korea, then you should seek someone who is currently doing business in Korea.  But how do you find these people in New Mexico?  You start right here.  Welcome to the League of Extraordinaires.

What if you had an opportunity to sit down with some of the top business minds in New Mexico who have taken their company national or global?  Our League of Extraordinaires event on June 22nd will provide a close quarters conversation with some of New Mexico's best.  Click here to learn more.

If you are considering going national or global, there has never been a better time than right now.  Global Chamber is comprised of CEO"s and C+ level executives from over 1,300 organizations and 110 locations world wide.  You are only as strong as your tribe.  Surround yourselves with other minds of the same accord, the world awaits.  #globaltribe


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