The New Year, The New Q

The New Year, The New Q
23 Jan 2017


Business in New Mexico can be tough.  If you haven't figured that out yet, you will in the near future.  In New Mexico, it's all about who you know.  Well, I have a new question for you...  Who is in your network outside of New Mexico?  What is does your national network look like?  What does your international network look like?  What if that network was stronger, more reliable, and infinitely deeper than your in state network?  What if you have a never ending supply of new high level contacts, across many sectors, in the US and abroad? 

Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders growing in 525 metros taking on the world of global business. Our millions of trusted resources, followers and connections support members growing globally by filling in the gaps that happen across borders.  Our members have access to literally thousands of contacts and companies wold wide, all of whom are seeking expansion and growth, and this number is growing rapidly every day.


Upcoming Events Include:

1)  2017 Global Outlook from Toyota Motor  Jan 25, 2017  Click here for more info

2)  The New Q Monthly Mixer Jan 31st, 4:00pm, The Joint, 4320 The 25 Way

3)  New Mexico Start Up Competition with STC.UNM

4)  Leage of Extraordinaires

5)  Women in Global Leadership, Part of the Magnificent Leaders Series, Moderated by Patty Azar

6)  Water and Solar Sustainability for Your Business, an International Forum


This is the new Albuquerque. The New Q.  Our advisory board consists of a rock star cast of local business leaders, UNM, and economic development involvement from a local and state level.  Our organization represents not who we have always been, but who we can be.  Albuquerque is growing and advancing towards being established as a home for new ventures, start-ups, technology development, and investment opportunity.  Are you part of the New Q?  Come join us, we are constantly seeking ways we can help our members make connections with thousands of growing organizations world wide.  Are you global?  #globaltribe


Best Regards,